Remote Control ©2010 David George

Harold & Fred watch TV. They become the characters they watch.

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“... Clearly the BBC or NPR would be fortunate to have this on air...” 
                                                                          Aileen Bordman • Producer Monet’s Palate with Meryl Streep

• ”Yes, finished playing it in the car. It was a great listen. It was like listening to BBC3 again. Very nicely written & you (both) do a great job with the characters. The commercials were very funny in a dark way. The protagonists .... seemed to veer from Python to Pinter. Very absorbing, well done!”
                                                                          Simon Goodman • Art Historian

• “I found this audiobook (I call it a radio play!) to be alternately funny, poignant, surreal and thought provoking. Extremely well acted, written and directed, the story takes you on a journey and comes full circle in a most unexpected way. Upon repeated listenings even more is revealed -- like layers of an onion. Highly enjoyable!”
                                                                         Dean Stefan • Writer

• “Growing up with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, I very much enjoyed the quirky English nature of this clever play. Pythonesque sometimes, "Remote Control" is both artful and relevant, a black comedy with a very unexpected twist at the end. I found the writing, music, production, and concept first rate.”
                                                                         Michael Hoppe • Composer (Grammy nominated)

• “Awesome work companero...”
                                                                          Peter Mclaren • Professor, UCLA

”This is a drama of poignant, at times vitriolic wit, commenting at once on the times we live in and the people we are or could easily become in these times. Very compelling”
                                                                          Sasha C. Damjanovski • Filmmaker

“I ...(listened to it )TWICE!!! I think it is excellent and needs to be out there on the air... I loved it!!
                                                                          David W. Streets • Gallery, Beverly Hills

“It is EXTREMELY interesting...”
                                                                          Joanna Cassidy • Actress, Six Feet Under



Harold & Other Voices.........Brian George

Fred & Other Voices............David George

1985.  Inside a dingy apartment on the ninth floor of a dilapidated apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, Harold & Fred, two working-class English expatriates, sit on a shabby couch mesmerized by an old television set.

Harold is wrapped in a dirty bathrobe. Fred is gaunt and pale, wearing a stained woman’s off-the-shoulder cotton dress...

An Audio Drama
(Running time 63 minutes)

Do you ever feel like your life is interrupting an endless stream of TV commercials?